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PRV AUDIO SQ3500X 1 Ohm Amplifier Car Audio Processor DSP 2.4X - BUNDLE

PRV AUDIO SQ3500X 1 Ohm Amplifier Car Audio Processor DSP 2.4X - BUNDLE

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SPECIFICATIONS - SQ3500X 1 Ohm - 3500 Watts Full Range Amplifier Impedance: 1 Ohm Channels: 1 Channel Rated RMS Power at 13.0 V at 1 Ohm: 3500 Watts Average Efficiency: 81% Rated RMS Power at 12.0 V at 1 Ohm: 3000 Watts Operating Voltage: 11 to 15 V Minimum Power Wire: Single Input - 0 Gauge Wire Minimum Speaker Wire: 14 Gauge Frequency Response(+/-3dB): 25 Hz to 25,000 Hz Min. Input Sensitivity for Max. Output: 290 mV Protection System: Low Supply Voltage / Shortage on Output / Low Impedance on Output Signal to Noise: >90 dB Heat Sink Type: Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum Dimensions (WxDxH): 8.25 x 10.25 x 2.75 Inches Weight: 8.50 Lbs SPECIFICATIONS - DSP 2.4X 4 channel digital signal processor Number of processors (DSPs): 1 Input Channels: 2 Output Channels: 4 Output Gain: Yes Master Level: 0 ~ 100% Graphic Equalizer: 15 Band Graphic Equalizer Presets: 12 Parametric Equalizer Input: 1 Parametric Equalizer Output: 4 / 1 per Channel Routing: A,B / A+B Crossover Butterworth (dB/8a): 12/18/24/36/48 Crossover Linkwitz-Riley (dB/8a): 12/18/24/36/48 Limiter: Yes Automatic Attack/Release: Yes Delay: 0 to 8 ms (275 cm) Frequency Generator: 10Hz - 22kHz, Level -60 at 0dB Frequency Scan: 10Hz - 22kHz / Level -60 at 0dB / Control of speed Display: LCD 16x2 Characters Screen Saver: Text Security Password: Yes Frequency Response(+/-3dB): 10Hz @ 22.5kHz @ -1dB Latency: 1.08ms Signal to Noise >90dB THD <0,01% Channel Separation > 80 dB Maximum Input Voltage: 5,6 Vpp (+8,2 dBu) Maximum Output Voltage: 5,6 Vpp (+8,2 dBu) Supply Voltage: 9V to 16V DC Dimensions (HxWxL): 1.45 x 7.87 x 3.97 Inches Weight: 1 Lbs


  • All You Need Bundle: This combo contains 1 unit of SQ3500X 1 Ohm full range amplifier and 1 unit of DSP 2.4x a 4 channel digital signal processor.
  • X Series: The new generation of sound quality amplifiers delivers the most innovative and powerful Brazilian Technology in full range class xD 12 Volts amplifiers on the market.Designed to produce a serious 3500 watts at 1 ohm at 13.0 Volts with a dynamic power rating of over 4,000 Watts, the SQ3500X amplifier is a great choice for high power loudspeaker systems.
  • High Performance Amp: Our proprietary SQochre-Xwire power supply delivers massive output with real-world input voltage levels at an excellent sound quality at a high efficient rate of 81%
  • DSP with Integrated Equalization System: capable of making various adjustments, from filters, graphic and parametric equalization, alignment, phase inversion, limiter, audio generator, among others. Enhancing Your Audio System!
  • Upgrade Today, Hear the Difference: PRV Audio is commited to bring innovation and technology to the automotive sound market. Add your amp and crossover combo to your cart today.