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HEISE - PSX26 Pro Series LED Kit - Single Beam (HE-PSX26PRO)

HEISE - PSX26 Pro Series LED Kit - Single Beam (HE-PSX26PRO)

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Heise HE-PSX26PRO HE-PSX26 Pro Series LED Kit - Single Beam - Set of 2


Heise Pro Series LED bulbs will outlast and outperform others on the market, shining 260% brighter than other LEDs to allow you to see even farther at night. The extreme LED chipset uses less energy with a higher output and lower running temperature, resulting in a brighter bulb with a much longer lifespan than other LED or factory bulbs.


260% brighter than other LEDs with 16,000 lumens

Uses only 70 watts per set

Running temperature of 115 degrees F

Brand new extreme LED chipset

Outperforms traditional LED bulbs with a longer lifespan and brighter output

Meticulously designed optimizing the LED position to maximize the housing optics for both projector and reflector systems

2mm solid copper thermodynamic core

Built with all-metal construction

Rotatable collar for beam pattern adjustment

Instantaneous full lumen start-up

IC thermal controller with a high-speed smart fan

Built-in reverse polarity protection

Side-cable connection for slimmer installation

Built-in EMI filter so it will not affect the vehicle's radio reception

Off-road use only – not for use on public roads

3-year warranty

Keep your original factory bulbs so that you can replace them for use on public roads. Keep the box that the new bulbs came in to store the bulbs and be sure to handle them with care when removing and re-installing.