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Focal ACX 570 Auditor EVO Series 5"x7" 2-way speakers + Stinger RKFR6 FAST Rings

Focal ACX 570 Auditor EVO Series 5"x7" 2-way speakers + Stinger RKFR6 FAST Rings

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Focal ACX 570

Auditor EVO Series 5"x7" 2-way car speakers


The benefit of Focal innovation

Focal designed their updated Auditor EVO Series speakers in France. That's a big deal — it means that these entry-level car speakers were reimagined by some of the same minds that design their flagship models. You'll recognize staples of Focal's famous sound: the inverted dome tweeter for precise treble and an improved soundstage; a polypropylene cone for a neutral and dynamic sound; and a butyl surround for impressive responsiveness.

The aim of Auditor EVO

Focal's goal is to improve the audio experience in any type of car, and these impressive ACX 570 5"x7" coaxial speakers will easily outperform your factory speakers and bring the fun back to your drive time. Prepare for a new level of richness in the midrange, and Focal's acclaimed inverted dome tweeter, with its handsome black lacquered finish, broadcasts high-frequency details that put standard tweeter designs to shame. An integrated, high-fidelity crossover ensures that the woofer handles only the lower frequencies and the tweeter only handles the highs, giving you a smooth sound overall.

Ready to ride

A polypropylene woofer cone and butyl rubber surround help these speakers live a long life in your car doors, withstanding all kinds of environmental abuse while delivering robust sound.


Product highlights:

  • 2-way car speakers (pair)
  • 5"x7" polypropylene woofer cone with butyl rubber surround
  • Mylar inverted dome tweeter
  • rigid steel basket
  • mesh/ABS mesh grilles included
  • handles up to 60 watts RMS (120 watts peak)
  • frequency response: 60-21,000 Hz
  • sensitivity: 91.6 dB
  • impedance: 4 ohms
  • mounting depth: 2-7/16"

What's in the box:

  • Two 2-way speakers
  • Eight 1-3/8" Screws
  • 8 Speed clips
  • Owner's manual (English/ French/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Portuguese/ Dutch/ Polish/ Chinese/ Russian/ Korean/ Japanese/ Arabic)


Stinger Roadkill RKFR6 FAST Rings

6-piece foam baffle kit — enhance the sound of your new 6", 6-1/2", or 6-3/4" speakers

Get better sound from your speakers

You bought some nice 6", 6-1/2", or 6-3/4" speakers for your vehicle, so why not make sure they sound their best? Stinger's Roadkill FAST Rings RKFR6 kit consists of six pieces of self-adhesive foam — two center pads, two inner rings, and two outer rings — which install on the speaker frame and behind the speaker, minimizing resonances and improving midbass response.

1, 2, 3…better sound

The center pad mounts behind the speaker to absorb reflections from hard surfaces inside the car door or most other locations. The inner ring serves as a gasket for mounting the speaker to the metal surface. The outer ring mounts just outside the surround at the outer edge of the speaker, to couple the speaker to the door panel opening.

Stinger's Roadkill FAST Rings isolate the speaker from the mounting surface and the factory door panel to help eliminate unwanted vibration and noise from the door panels, while increasing midbass response. You'll have to trim FAST Rings for proper fit.


Product highlights:

  • kit includes two center pads, two inner rings, and two outer rings
  • designed for 6", 6-1/2", or 6-3/4" car speakers
  • foam baffles cut down on unwanted resonance
  • self-adhesive foam simplifies installation
  • increases midbass

What's in the box:

  • 2 Adhesive backed circular pads
  • 2 Adhesive backed inner rings
  • 2 Adhesive backed outer rings
  • Installation instructions on packaging