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DS18 GFX-5K1 – Full-Range Class D 1-Channel Monoblock Amplifier – 5000 Watts RMS, 1-Ohm

DS18 GFX-5K1 – Full-Range Class D 1-Channel Monoblock Amplifier – 5000 Watts RMS, 1-Ohm

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DS18 GFX-5K1 – Full-Range Class D 1-Channel Monoblock Amplifier – 5000 Watts RMS, 1-Ohm

A Whole Lot of Boom in One Package

Pumping out 5000 watts into a 1-Ohm load, the DS18 GFX-5K1 gives you mind blowing power in a small package. The full bridge design maximizes the power of the high-quality components we use, while the heavy-duty heat-sink and built-in cooling system ensures smooth and consistent performance. Put together, you have a car amplifier that’s powerful, robust, and as cool as you!

Order the DS18 GFX-5K1 today to own a compact car amplifier that will squeeze every possible watt out of your sound system!

Maximum Power for Your Dollar

At DS18, we strive to provide the latest and greatest technology for our customers. The GFX-5K1 is no different! Guaranteed to give you maximum performance for your dollar, this full range amp is perfect for playing a wide variety of speakers that enhance your audio to a concert-like experience. You can even adjust the amplifier’s volume with remote level inputs so you can fine tune the audio of each song you play! If you like it loud (like we do), then you can’t go wrong with the GFX-5K1.

Product Highlights

  • Great power per size ratio packing in 5000w in a very small package
  • Power rating of 2000 watts @ 4-Ohms, 3500 watts @ 2-Ohms, and 5000 watts @ 1-Ohm for great full range power at any of the recommended ohm loads.
  • Digital Monoblock Full bridge design maximizes power by using high quality components maximizing power and size
  • Adjust crossover filters to get the perfect sound for your speaker combination
  • Remote level inputs for easily adjusting amplifier volume on the go
  • Intelligent cooling fan system for powerful and reliable performance
  • Frequency response of 15Hz-20KHz making it a great choice for Pro-Audio
  • Built in High-Pass and Low-Pass filters to help you get the perfect sound
  • Adjustable bass boost from 5-12dB with included Level control knob for on-the-go volume changes.
  • Power, Protection, and Clipping indicators will help you monitor your amp easily with colored LEDs.
  • Safety features that protect the amp from damage from clipping, thermal limits, over-load, Impedance, short-circuit and voltage failures.