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Daytona Lights

Daytona Lights - H10 Replacement LED bulb set (DL-H10)

Daytona Lights - H10 Replacement LED bulb set (DL-H10)

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These bright lights are designed to fit into tight spaces with a compact design that doesn’t compromise performance. By engineering a high density fin design, these bulbs stay as cool or even cooler than traditional LED bulbs with bulky heat sinks or messy braid designs. The light output is equally impressive with a total of 6, 000 lumens of cool white (6500K) illumination per pair using 20 watts per bulb. Kits are available in the most common headlight sizes. H10 single-beam, Wattage:  20W per bulb, Total Length:  3. 1” (78. 2mm), Heat Sink:  1. 26” (32mm) diameter, IP Rating:  IP67, Output:  6000lm (pair), Color Temperature:  6500K, Good For:  tight applications, Operating Temperature:  -40° F to 176° F, Sold as pair.


  • H10 single-beam
  • Wattage:  20W per bulb
  • Total Length:  3. 1” (78. 2mm)
  • Heat Sink:  1. 26” (32mm) diameter
  • IP Rating:  IP67