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Bracketron Inc Bt1-663-2 Tekgrip Power Dock

Bracketron Inc Bt1-663-2 Tekgrip Power Dock

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The TekGrip power dock by Bracketron creates a hands-free option for drivers. You can charge your smartphone or other electronic devices through the USB Output. The TekGrip power dock offers two outputs that allow you to charge two devices at the same time. Sick of having your charger separate from your device Holder? the TekGrip power dock has it all together. This mount will hold your device while you charge. Perfect for a road trip. You can view your device in landscape or portrait when you are on the go. Also, this clears up space on your windshield or dash. The flexible gooseneck on the mount can be adjusted to any viewing angle. It has a rigid neck that will stay in place. Picture this: you and your friend are heading out on the road and you need the perfect mount to hold your phone. The TekGrip power dock will let both of you charge your phones at the same time. You won’t have to take your cable off and put a different one in. There are two charging ports. The mount provides the perfect angle for both of you to navigate to your destination. Also, you can jam out to your tunes and watching funny videos to amuse yourselves. The TekGrip power dock is built to make life easier when it comes to your electronic devices. The arms will expand up to 4 inches wide, which will hold smartphones and GPS. The device Holder has foam pads that will protect your device from scratches.


  • Power Grip arms securely hold the mount in your 12V port
  • 360 degree rotation for portrait or landscape viewing
  • Folding support legs for added support when needed
  • Fits devices up to 3.5 inches wide
  • 2 amp total output