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Accele Electronic DVD9855 9" LED Headrest Monitor w/DVD Player

Accele Electronic DVD9855 9" LED Headrest Monitor w/DVD Player

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Accele Electronic DVD9855 9" LED Headrest Monitor w/DVD Player


Stave off the chorus of are-we-there-yets with Accele's DVD9855 headrest monitor. The kids in the back can watch their shows and movies on a vivid 9" high-resolution screen, and they can listen to the audio on the built-in speakers, via wireless headphones (not included), or through your car's speakers. An included remote puts your passengers in complete control of their own entertainment.


The DVD9855 will work with a variety of headrests without modifications, thanks to the included universal mounting bracket. You can remove the monitor easily if you want to use it in another car. A hard-wiring kit for powering the unit is included for more permanent use, or you can just plug the 12-volt adapter into your vehicle's power port.


If you purchase a second DVD9855 headrest monitor, you'll be able to connect your monitors to display the same DVD content (HDMI and digital media cannot be shared between monitors).


Product highlights:

  • single headrest with built-in 9" LED screen and built-in DVD player
  • widescreen display with 800 x 480 picture resolution
  • built-in speakers
  • includes wireless remote control
  • adjustable system for mounting on headrest posts
  • game controller and 16-bit video games included
  • hard-wire kit and 12-volt adapter kit included
  • headphones not included


Other Specs:

  • A/V inputs: HDMI, RCA, SD card, and USB
  • A/V outputs: RCA
  • audio outputs: 2-channel headphone transmitter, 3.5mm headphone jack, and built-in FM transmitter
  • warranty: 1 year
  • MFR # DVD9855


What's in the box:

  • DVD monitor (attached 2' 9-pin cable)
  • Mounting bracket (installed)
  • 10' Power/signal cable (w/ power/ground wires and composite video/stereo RCA jacks on one end and a 9-pin connector on other end)
  • 12V/cigarette lighter adapter (w/ attached 8' cord)
  • Remote control
  • CR2032 3V battery
  • Game controller
  • Game disc
  • 12 Mounting adapters (2 installed)
  • Operating Instructions